New rafaelhdr

And again I am changing my website. At first, I used WordPress, migrated to Django and now I am using Jekyll.


I wanted to make it bilingual and simple. Besides, I always like to learn new tech things.

Why Jekyll

It covers all my motivation.

I wanted to learn it because a lot of people use it for GitHub. Several GitHub pages use it, so it is one more reason (over other static site generators alternatives).


  • My site is now open-source;
  • Cheap (S3 site, instead of EC2 running Docker);
  • Versioned (git);
  • CI/CD integration (GitLab Pipeline)
  • High availability (99,99% according to AWS);
  • Fast (tested with PageSpeed Insights - 63/100 improved to 89/100);
  • It is Markdown.

And more

The site is the same. I am keeping the old content, but not translating. New content will be bilingual.

The layout is not the best. It is simple (the default from Jekyll). I hope to work on it, but not for now.

I expect to post more. I am looking for new job and I think this will be a good opportunity to show myself. My next post will be about integrating static website with CloudFlare (that is what I am using for now).

Hope everybody likes it :)