Below, you can find some of open-source projects that I’ve contributed to. If you want to, you can follow me at GitLab, GitHub and StackOverflow.



AWS S3 - Docker - GitLab CI - Golang - Grunt - Javascript - Microservices - MySQL - Node.js - PugJS - Python/Django - React - Redis

Hobby website for sharing books with friends. I wrote about the new Shereland open source at the blog.

Links: GitLab - Website


AWS S3 - GitLab CI - Jekyll

My personal portfolio website. Developed with Jekyll and Continuous Deployment with GitLab Pipeline.

Links: GitLab

Glewlwyd OAuth 2 Server


This project is an OAuth 2 Server made in C. I’ve ported the application to Docker.

Links: GitHub

Wall App

Docker - Python/Django - React

Portfolio web application to practise React and Django.

Links: GitHub

MySQL Docker Backuper

Docker - MySQL - Shell

Image for backup any MySQL database in a Docker Network exporting to AWS S3.

Links: GitHub

Meteor Google Charts

Javascript - Meteor

Google Charts library I developed for Meteor. +2000 downloads.

Links: Atmosphere JS - GitHub



College project using Django. It was an application that communicates with BeagleBone (simulator of a car).

Links: GitHub



College project using Django. Poll for new ideas for the college.

Links: GitHub